Reindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark greenReindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark greenReindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark green

Reindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark green


Reindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark green

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Premium reindeer moss wall panel, 100% hand made, easy installation.

Soft and pleasant to the touch moss walls give a unique effect of live, three-dimensional wall. The moss is a completely maintenance-free material, so it doesn't need watering or fertilizing or light, making it ideal also in rooms where we don't have access to natural light. Our moss panels offer you endless possibilities in creating the interior design you have always wanted. Panels can be easily cut using a multitool cutter. Thanks to preservation, we can be sure that the moss wall will stay green and soft for many years.

We are also able to create FLEXI panels for curved walls.



- Air purification, it cleans the air

-100% Natural Antistatic (does not collect dust)

- hypoallergenic

- sound-absorbing

- 100% Maintenance free

- Is an indicator of humidity

- Obtained from nature


Panles has been manufactured in such a way that the instalation can be done by yourself in a simple and quick way. The panels are made of a lightweight and durable moisture-resistant board with a square dimension of 50 × 50 cm and a thickness of 5mm. The board is covered with moss , moss is about 5-6 cm thick. Reindeer moss is soft and pleasant to the touch and its structure is feathery. The edges of the panel are not finished with reindeer moss, so the panels can be joined together to form a compact, uniform green moss wall. Panels are made of Norwegian reindeer moss.

Our moss panels have probably the highest moss density per m2 at this price on the market. The panel has a juicy green color and its surface is compact and flexible. To create the panels we use only original Scandinavian reindeer moss of the highest quality. The colors are available in several variants. The color of the moss is obtained using natural organic dyes, because the natural Scandinavian reindeer moss is similar to white. Due to the fact that the product is 100% natural, the moss colors are not uniform. The Reindeer Moss is not able to absorb the dye evenly, thanks to which the effect of natural coloring that occurs in nature is obtained. Natural moss is the interaction of: forest, home, man. (en. The Forest, The House, The Man, French. La Foret, La Maison, L’ Homme, de. der Weld, das Haus, Der Mann)

Key advantages of preserved moss.

  • Indicator for air humidity
  • 100% nature: our reindeer moss panels consist of 100% real, preserved moss
  • 0% care: neither maintenance nor lighting necessary 
  • Evergreen: lasting for many years due to permanent preservation
  • Water shy: reindeer moss panel must not be watered 

Design: Moss panel made by hand

Purpose: for walls and ceilings for laying and connecting with each other

Dimensions: 50 × 50 cm

Panel thickness: approx. 6 cm with a moisture resistant board

Moisture resistant panel thickness: 0.5 cm

Moss structure: pinnate, consisting of clumps

Finishing moss edging: No.

Type of lichen: reindeer moss

Colors: colors to choose from: light, spring green, dark green, other colors on special order

Panel weight: approx. 2.4 kg

Order processing time: up to 7 business days

Brand:  Preserved Moss