Reindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark greenReindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark green 

Reindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark green


Reindeer moss wall panel 50 x 50 cm | color - dark green

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Premium Reindeer moss wall panels - 100% hand-made -easy installation.

Soft and pleasant to the touch moss walls give a unique effect of live, three-dimensional wall. The moss is a completely maintenance-free, so it doesn't need watering, fertilizing or light, making it ideal also in rooms where we don't have access to natural light. Our moss panels offer you endless possibilities of creating the interior design you have always wanted. Thanks to preservation, you can be sure that the moss wall will stay green and soft for many years.

We are also able to create FLEXI panels for curved walls.



- Air purification, it cleans the air

-100% Natural Antistatic (does not collect dust)

- hypoallergenic

- sound-absorbing

- 100% Maintenance free

- Is an indicator of humidity

- Obtained from nature


We can also made moss panels to size 

please send us a message with the panel size/ shape , we will prepare free no oblogation quote.


The edges of the panel are not finished with moss so they can be joined with each other, creating a uniform, a compact surface.

Reindeer moss panels are a 100% hand-made. The panels has been made in such a way that the installation can be done by one person, easily and quickly. Pillow moss panels are made on light and durable (moisture-proof) board 5-6mm thick.


Design: Moss panel made by hand

Purpose: for walls and ceilings for laying and connecting with each other

Dimensions: 50 × 50 cm

Panel thickness: approx. 6 cm with a moisture resistant board

Moisture resistant panel thickness: 0.5 cm

Moss structure: pinnate, consisting of clumps

Finishing moss edging: No.

Type of lichen: reindeer moss

Colors: colors to choose from: light, spring green, dark green, other colors on special order

Panel weight: approx. 2.4 kg

Order processing time: up to 7 business days

Brand:  Preserved Moss